Sunday, September 5, 2010

Designer stickers are now a rage and growing in popularity with each passing day. These stickers have carved their own place in the industry. What works wonders is how much you can put them to use each in a different possible way. There is no case of exhaustion when it comes to use or design of stickers. When you visit a physical sticker shop or browse online, you would be pretty confused with the plethora of options available to choose from.  You name it and you could find at least 10 stickers around the theme you have named. Each of these will be in  a different design such that you would not bat your eyelid to choose all of them.



With recent trends changing every day, there has been no looking back in stickers too. The designers have kept their creativity in highest possible stack designing stickers that come out best. Using these stickers is the best possible way to attract the attention of people. These are simple to stick on your smart phone or mobile device where you could boast about how you have designed it especially for your phone. You could always stick them on to the surface of your scooter or car. These come with built in lights which would just flash when it gets dark. This could potentially be a hobby where you could order different sets of stickers and could make your own theme to exhibit your talent and crafty side to people.


If you have a growing business start up and have been looking at various ways to attract potential customers, then using the design stickers will be an easier way. Everyone loves stickers and have a look at it wherever they are stuck hence creating a new marketing opportunity for your products. There are quite a number of researches which show how many businesses have an increase in customers in multifold after they have started advertising their products with stickers.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If you look at stickers as an option for your work space, you would be surprised with the quality and number of makes it could result from right from normal paper to vinyl. If you are not particularly in love with the idea of wall paper or paint to your new place and have been looking for some change, then designer stickers could be your go to option. Wall stickers are an awesome way to cover up all those empty walls at the same time communicate what you have been having in mind too.

If you are a person supporting a noble cause and have always been looking at opportunities to promote the cause and raise some money so you can donate, then you could consider sticker badges as an option. These are not bulk or heavy and could be carried single handedly everywhere you travel. These are also attractive to hand over to the audience and may interest a few who have been looking for a cause to support.


These stickers could be customized according to specific customer needs. They could be produced in bulk and delivered to your convenient location too. These are easy to apply and easy to remove stickers and work as an hassle free option for people who are so worried about how their surfaces might look post removal. These could ideally be  applied on to your doors or windows, glass surfaces, Book shelves, wooden cupboards and wardrobes, mirrors, chests of drawers, car or scooter and even to bikes and gadgets.

Personalized products are in demand right now and these stickers could be personalized to customer expectations. You no longer have to stick to those regular square shaped or rectangular stickers. You could choose the design and shape you have always wanted. How about having stickers that are shaped as that of cars if you own a garage service? You might feel proud in handing over your cards with a sticker of car that you have always loved. The idea of stickers was once termed to be expensive, which is not the case anymore. It is one the most cost effective ways to promote your business. If you are making an order in bulk, then it is one of the cheapest modes of advertising.